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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Oh shit there are a lot of movies coming out this weekend. A lil something for everyone.

Things We Lost in The Fire
30 Days of Night
Gone Baby Gone
The Comebacks
Sarah Landon and The Paranormal Hour
The Ten Commandments

Limited Release:
Reservation Road
O Jerusalem
Moondance Alexander
Wristcutters: A Love Story

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


A finely tuned and perfectly executed piece of cinema.

Eastern Promises pulls you in hard, and like any good film it engrosses you so much that you forget it’s not really happening. Nearly flawless characters and an engaging storyline make this a standout film. It is obvious that director David Cronenberg has mastered his craft. The entire cast gives brilliant performances from start to finish. Eastern Promises excels on every level.

The film has all the fixins for a killer mafia flick, but approaches each of these elements from unusual angles. Despite any uncharacteristic moves by Croneneberg, the story still unfolds perfectly. He keeps things moving right along without being too predictable or losing any focus. This story of Russian Mafia members in London is strikingly original and fresh feeling.

Each character feels utterly important and written into the overall story with purpose. They are impulsive and strong willed while maintaining a vulnerability that allows for them to transform. Even seeing some of the gruesome things that these people do Cronenberg still manages to make you feel for them. The writer, Steve Knight, incorporates a multitude of human emotion into the screenplay; while almost all of them feed off of fear. These well written characters are only augmented by the fantastic actors that play them.

Viggo Mortenson is phenomenal to watch. He brings his character to the audience with force. I would say he is even challenged on screen by Naomi Watts who plays her character perfectly. They compliment each other well on screen and make the story feel incredibly real. Then there is a supporting cast that is the icing on the cake. Everyone is entertaining throughout the film.

Eastern Promises is David Cronenberg’s follow-up to his award winning A History of Violence (2005). It is a mafia film delivered with such a well-mastered craft that it stands out on every level. This beautifully written story is complimented by a provocative score, great costuming and perfect acting. Eastern Promises is simply a fine example of how cinema should be done.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?
The Final Season
Elizabeth: The Golden Years
We Own The Night

Limited Release:
Terror's Advocate
Lars and the Real Girl

Thursday, October 04, 2007


The Heartbreak Kid
The Seeker: The Dark is Rising
Feel The Noise

Limited Release:
My Kid Could Paint That
Michael Clayton
The Good Night (NY/LA)
Finishing The Game

Monday, October 01, 2007


An in depth look at an incredible true story.

Into the Wild is a strikingly distinctive film. The realness of the story overcomes you while stirring your emotions. Phenomenal acting keeps everything in motion throughout the length of the film. The main character is awkwardly inspiring and discouraging as you fall deeper into this chronicle of his life. Sean Penn brings this world-renowned tale of determination and struggle to the big screen as cinematic beauty compliments an appreciation for truth.

Emile Hirsch brings an ambitious presence to the lead role of Christopher McCandless. His portrayal is mistakenly real. It is not a dialogue driven role, but instead a character study driven by the people that surround him. The way his character affects the others throughout the story is how one learns about him. He touches everyone in some way and that really lets you in to what kind of a person he was. Hirsch plays McCandless just how I would expect him to be in real life; optimistic, keeps to himself, and somewhat expressionless. It is his inoffensive demeanor as well as his optimism that brings about compassion from the other characters.

The supporting cast is an impressive list of actors who all contribute immensely to the story. They serve so many functions in the life of McCandless, and ultimately are the ones that convey the story to the audience. McCandless sweeps through their lives while managing to change them in all sorts of ways. I went into the film with the idea that his character would develop and unfold into the story, but found that his disposition was almost the same from start to finish. The people he influenced were the ones that ultimately transformed.

Sean Penn is a landmark director that tells stories with a breathtaking grace. The subtleties he incorporates into a scene make such a difference. His epic vision for this story shines on screen. Stark landscapes and wide angle shots create a distressing realness to what this journey must have been like. He portrays the story’s intimate moments with just as much powerful control as the moments of raw destitution. Penn adapts Into the Wild better than anyone could have.

This film is one to be remembered. Sean Penn and an incredible cast bring this amazing true story to a whole new level. The original score done by Eddie Vedder is a true compliment to the experience as well. No details are overlooked. The scenes are epically cinematic while bringing a sense of reality to the audience. As one gets wrapped in the story’s characters feelings of both inspiration and hopelessness stir inside. Into the Wild is a uniquely enriching story that has been perfectly adapted to film.